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In the course of existence of anthropoecological systems interaction of people with the nature of the environment is carried out on two main directions. First, there are applications of biological and social indicators of separate individuals and community in general directed on satisfaction of requirements imposed to the person Wednesday. Secondly, reorganization of the environment for satisfaction of requirements of the person is carried out. Throughout mankind history the ratio of the called changes changed towards the prevailing role of the second direction.

One of objects of environment, the most important for the person and in too time of the most subject to influence of heavy metals, are natural waters. Heavy metals come to natural waters mainly from sewage of the enterprises of metallurgical, mining, metal-working industry because of their insufficient cleaning.

As the main distinctive feature of anthropoecological systems in comparison with natural ecosystems existence in their structure of human communities to which in development of all system belongs abiotic factors, the dominating role serves. In the occupied territory the level of their impact on environment is defined by activity of communities of people. The developing communities, for example, during industrialization, are characterized along with the population growth, increase in requirements it in food, raw materials, water resources, placement of waste. It raises load of environment.

In coke-chemical production long time coal tar was harmful withdrawal. After improvement of technological processes of production it turned into valuable chemical raw materials from which more than 25 types of primary products applied in various branches of economy are developed.

At all times water was considered as invaluable moisture of life. Due to constantly growing requirements of the industry and agriculture for fresh water there is a problem of preservation of the existing water resources.

Environmental problems of the industry of the developed regions in many respects are connected with pollution of objects of environment heavy metals. Thus heavy metals from air or on a chain air _ water, air _ water _ the soil _ plants or air _ the soil _ a plant get to a human body in the quantities exceeding the maximum-permissible. Heavy metals, possessing cumulative properties, also collect in a human body.