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As a rule, in the beginning deviant behavior unmotivated. The young man, as a rule, wants to conform to requirements of society, but owing to social conditions the inability is correct to define the social roles, ignorances of ways of social adaptation, a beggarly standard of living, he cannot make it.

For disclosure of the nature and the reason of social deviations it is necessary to recognize that they, as well as social norms, are expression of the relations of people, developing in society. The social norm and a social deviation – two poles on the same axis of socially significant behavior of individuals, social groups and other social communities.

Formation of alcoholism is influenced by some factors: hereditary factors, character, individual properties of the personality and feature of environment. It is possible to carry the low level of financial position and education to the factors promoting alcoholization.

Social inequality. It finds expression in low, sometimes a beggarly standard of living of the most part of the population, first of all youth; in stratification of society on rich and poor; unemployment, inflation, corruption, etc.

Social deviations are so various, as social norms. Moreover, a variety of deviations exceeds a variety of norms because the norm is typical, and deviations can be very individualiziroanna.

William X. Sheldon (194, known American ­ and the doctor, emphasized importance of a structure of a body. It that at people a certain structure of a body means a of characteristic personal fig. of Endomorfu (to a of moderate completeness with soft and a little roundish body) sociability, ability to get on about and indulgence to the desires are peculiar. The mesomorph (whose body by force and symmetry) shows tendency to a, it is active and not too sensitive. And,,, differing in a subtlety and fragility of a body, is inclined to introspection, is allocated with the raised and nervousness.