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Pasteur gave to the conclusions exclusive persuasiveness thanks to perfectly conceived and it to experiments. The last aimed not only to prove correctness of provisions of the author, but also to mistakes of his opponents and to open the reasons of failures of his predecessors.

Laboratory researches soon high resistance of live organisms to influences. For example, long keeping dispute and seeds of plants in liquid oxygen or nitrogen ­ without violation of their viability.

On the other hand, thanks to a microscope was ­ existence of huge number of the smallest live, organized it is even simpler, than insects, worms and other of earlier known animals. It is necessary to add to it still the microorganisms in large quantities occupying solutions of organic substances. All these favored to that the idea of a received the seeming reinforcement.

In later time opening of a microscope expanded ideas of a structure of an organism and showed complexity of a structure of such, for example, beings as insects, were ranked as the elementary organisms before. to it was thrown doubt and a of their origin from the lifeless.

Pasteur filled a cylinder with a nutrient medium, and to a neck of a flask gave the S-shaped form. Boiling from a cylinder distilled air which when cooling liquid back. Microorganisms from air thus settled on a neck bend, and liquid in a cylinder remained sterile vaguely long. Once you cut off a flask neck, in some days in liquid ­ bacteria. Emergence could also achieve them, inclining a cylinder and washing away the microorganisms which settled in a tube.

According to Thomson and Helmholtz's representations, of bacteria and other microorganisms could be to Earth with meteorites. Modern supporters of the theory of a panspermia believe that the bulk of the substances which were material from which there were living beings is delivered to the planet of a.

Views and researches of Nidgem found wide ­ among scientists of that time and long still served the theory of self-generation. Many scientists repeated and modified experiments of the Irish priest, but not always received identical results.