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At all methods of calculation of GDP it does not join so-called non-productive transactions, in particular transfer payments. The volume of these payments is, as a rule, rather great, but they represent simply the created GDP.

The end products — are goods and services which are bought by consumers for end use, but not for resale. Intermediate production — is goods and services which take place further processing or are resold several times before getting to the end user.

K. Marx noted that the way of distribution of the created product is inherent in every way of production. But the distributive relations are not passive. In one cases they can slow down production, in others to act as its accelerator.

Therefore, for an exception of the repeated repeated account of GDP and GNP have to act as the cost of goods and services and to include only the cost created (added) at each intermediate stage of processing.

Gross accumulation of fixed capital (gross ) which consists of so-called pure, i.e. financed not by assignments, and depreciation charges (they also go for capital financing).

We are interested first of all the size with which production really added to welfare of society, and the sums of the depreciation charges accumulated in special funds, welfare of society do not raise.

Closing stage of the movement of a public product is consumption. Having begun the movement about productions, a product completely or gradually disappears in consumption. Thereby reproduction of the human life and its activity is provided.

Therefore the cost of the consumed raw materials and materials, were got at suppliers and in which creation the did not take part, this enterprise of a product does not join in a value added.

So there is a concept of the added. The Value Added (VA) is the cost created in the course of a at this enterprise and covering a real contribution of the enterprise to value creation of a concrete product, i.e. a salary, profit and depreciation of the concrete enterprise.

Usually, to calculate GNP, add a difference between profits to an indicator of GDP and income gained by the enterprises and natural persons of this country abroad, on the one hand, both profits and income gained by foreign investors and foreign workers in this country, on the other hand.

It should be noted that in spite of the fact that GDP pays off with coverage of both spheres: material and non-material production, many operations and services which difficult or cannot be considered do not get to this indicator: