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The reserve is located in several high-rise belts. The coast of Baikal is bordered with rather narrow belt of the Baikal terraces (460-600 m.. .), in which the listvennichny woods prevail, sites kedrachy, pine forests, birch forests, and places – moss bogs and meadows meet. Lower and middle part of slopes of ridge (600-1250 m.. .) occupy the mountain and taiga woods. The upper bound of the wood is formed by park birch forests, pikhtach and fir groves of a podgoltsovy belt with powerfully developed vysokotravy and shrubby thickets. About 32% of the territory of the reserve are occupied by a mountain goltsovy belt. The most part of a goltsovy belt is covered with mountain Alpine meadows, almost impassable thickets of a cedar stlanik and ernik (shrubby birch forests and osier-beds). The considerable spaces are occupied by almost lifeless rocks and naked stony scatterings.

In the territory of northeast Cis-Baikal the lyubka two-leaved, zimovnikovy, a nadborodnik leafless, kasatik low and smooth, a rhodiola pink, Redovsky's rhododendron, etc. meets many rare species needing special protection, for example, of Calypso bulbous, shoes real, krupnotsvetkovy and spotty. Are very rich with rare species of the vicinity of thermal sources. On supervision of the botanist of N.I.Troitskaya, from 214 species of the plants which are found kb.shz of warm sources, 55 — rare for the reserve, and 30 types meet only around an exit of thermal waters.

The international public in the increasing degree realizes that damage or disappearance of any outstanding nature sanctuary or culture represents irreversible impoverishment of property of all people of the world.