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The agricultural enterprises are interested in fast realization of the production as it has direct impact on a financial condition of economy, promotes strengthening of its economy, improvement of working conditions and life of workers.

Also business and with dairy products is: the livestock of cows was reduced by 18 heads (with 340 to 32, yields of milk on 1 cow decreased (there is no money on qualitative sterns. Generally, the situation reminds a vicious circle: there is no money - there are no forages, there are no forages - there is no production increase, and without it besides there is no money.

Besides, production of a main type of production of ASHO "Red Beam" - pork was reduced more than twice. The reasons of it is in lack of good food supply (also the economy ceased to raise pigs food waste) and a bad condition of pigsties. As a result of it losses of meat increase (nobody wants to give all the best if returns all the same does not follow), and the level of marketability decreases.