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On the basis of it the conclusion was drawn that action of electromagnetic fields of of ultrahigh tension (50 Hz) is caused by electric field, that is the E, sq.m is normalized.

Similar impact on a human body an electromagnetic field of industrial frequency in electroinstallations of ultrahigh tension. electromagnetic fields cause at working violation of a functional condition of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and blood. Thus are observed the raised

This expression provides definition of a of electric field of the lonely infinitely long straightforward conductor loaded on length. Entering the relevant amendments, it is possible with a sufficient accuracy to define levels of intensity of electric field in the set points of the line and substation of ultrahigh tension in conditions.

It is supposed that violation of regulation of functions of an organism is caused by impact of a field on various parts of the nervous system. Thus increase of excitability of the central nervous system happens due to reflex action of a field, and effect — due to direct impact of a field on structures of a head and spinal cord. It is considered that a cerebral cortex, and also intermediate are especially sensitive to influence of a field.

The measuring instrument of intensity of an electric field - works as follows. In the device antenna the field creates. with> which amplifies with ­ the transistor amplifier, becomes straight diodes and is measured by the strelochny micro ampermeter of a.'antenn represents the dipole executed in the form of two metal plates placed one over another. As in a symmetric dipole. of page of a of intensity of electric field, a scale of m of an alliampermetr of an otgraduirovan in kilovolts on meter (sq.m).

At operation of electrical power — the open distributing devices (ODD) and the air high voltage lines over 330 kV — in a round current carrying parts of the operating there is a strong electromagnetic field influencing human health. In electroinstallations below 330 kV there are less electromagnetic fields which do not have impact on biological objects.

In other working ­ density of a stream of an should not exceed 0,1 W/sq.m on condition of use of goggles. In working hours density of a stream of energiya should not exceed 0,1 W/sq.m